If a PGS ASA Settlement Contract is Fraudulent

Rune Olav Pedersen Norway PGS ASA CEO & President – PGS Gang Rape



PGS ASA will not Invoke their Contractual Confidentiality terms and conditions that prohibit the publication of content which disparages them, their executives, board of directors, employee’s, customers, and shareholders

PGS ASA will not confront allegations of executive management and board of directors corruption and criminal behavior. Instead, PGS ASA will seek to delete and depublish such allegations while continuing to deceive and rob unwitting stakeholders

PGS ASA will not be led and managed by the ethical best and brightest, but by the mediocre corrupt who view themselves as entitled who can steal and deceive from honest professionals, customers, and shareholders

PGS ASA will destroy the futures and opportunities of their crime victims children and family members

PGS ASA Top Executive will breach published policy and the law with impunity as long as they protect the corrupt Board of Directors and Executive Management

PGS ASA low integrity employee’s bribed through promotions and other gratuity, will obstruct justice and protect and participate in defrauding the upstream oil and gas industry.


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