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  • Did PGS ASA Weybridge Bribe Lynwall Anthony Robinson to Defraud a Whistleblower?

    Anthony Robinson – if there are no issues with the 5 December 2013 settlement that you reviewed between SDK and PGS Exploration (UK) Limited, Weybridge, you can sue in English court to protect your reputation and value. Managing Partner ARM Consultancy 2022-05-16 MarineSeismicSurvey.com/news SDK PINTEREST Q2 2022 London-Landau-Law.com Blogs SeismicRiskManagement.com Blogs equinor jon erik reinhardsen […]

  • Blame the London Lawless Lawyer Racket for High Oil Prices

    pgs asa corrupt damian kelly bribe pgs asa bribes lawyers PGS ASA, formerly known as Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, is a Norway-based marine geophysical company that provides a range of seismic and reservoir services, including acquisition, imaging, interpretation and field evaluation. MarketScreener.com: PGS ASA (15 April 2022) pgs asa un global compact fraud A recent Financial […]


    PGS ASA Everything to Sustain Corruption (ESC) Report The PGS ASA criminal cartel has no shame about lying to stakeholders. PGS ASA Stakeholders do not demand that the Board of Directors respond to the most basic accusations of corruption and executive crimes? Moron Rune Olav Pedersen is allowed to NOT ANSWER EVEN ONE Question! pgs […]

  • PGS ASA Paid Bribes to Verdantix for Phony Safety Performance Improvement Award

    SDK PINTEREST Q2 2022 SDK PINTEREST Q1 2022 London-Landau-Law.com Blogs SeismicRiskManagement.com Blogs london landau law wfw rhodri thomas pgs asa board crimes qvam verdantix pgs asa bullying verdantix pgs asa rob adams jogmec verdantix pgs asa berit osnes audit verdantix pgs asa nathan oliver us federal wire fraud verdantix pgs asa gottfred langseth fiduciary fraud […]

  • The Verdantix Safety Performance Improvement Award to PGS ASA is as Ridiculous as it is Dangerous

    SDK PINTEREST Q2 2022 SDK PINTEREST Q1 2022 London-Landau-Law.com Blogs SeismicRiskManagement.com Blogs pgs asa verdantix stress pgs asa verdantix watson farley & williams A Study of Safety Intervention: The Causes and Consequences of Employees’ Silence verdantix pgs asa verdantix pgs asa bribery pgs asa rune olav pedersen verdantix verdantix pgs asa pida verdantix pgs asa […]

  • PGS Wins Safety Performance Improvement Award?

    SDK PININTEREST Q1 2022 SeismicRiskManagement.com Blogs London-Landau-Law.com Blogs pgs asa health and safety PGS ASA is a Corrupt and Dangerous Criminal Organization that Manufactures False Health and Safety Reports and Destroys Real Health and Safety Data. MarineSeismicSurvey.com existence is testiment to this. The PGS ASA Board of Directors and Executive Management should all be investigated […]